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SchoolMint Has a New CEO

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Jun 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Jinal Jhaveri and Bryan MacDonald share their thoughts on our beginnings, and what bright futures lie ahead.

A retrospective from Jinal Jhaveri, co-founder of SchoolMint:

Six years ago, my wife Forum Desai and I founded SchoolMint with a vision of making the process of enrollment delightful and insightful for families and schools.

We have had the great fortune — with much heavy lifting from the dedicated members of our team and our passionate customers — of building a company that today, positively impacts the lives of the thousands of educators and millions of students and their families that use our enrollment, behavior and school security products.

We are humbled by this accomplishment and value the relationships we have formed with everyone over the course of this journey.

This week, after years of hard work building SchoolMint, Forum and I are embarking on our next adventure and taking a year abroad with our family.

In order to make this life change, I have decided to step down as CEO of SchoolMint.

While I will no longer be leading the business on a day-to-day basis, I will remain invested in our continued success. I will assume the role of Non-Executive Chairman on our Board of Directors. I’ll continue attending board meetings and will provide input on our ongoing strategic business direction.

As part of this transition, I am excited to welcome Bryan MacDonald as our new CEO, effective May 28. Bryan will be based out of our San Francisco headquarters and looks forward to getting out to meet and collaborate with our customers and partners in the weeks to come.

A few words from SchoolMint’s new CEO, Bryan MacDonald:

Thank you, Jinal, and congratulations again on both building a great company and now setting off on a new adventure!

I am thrilled to join the SchoolMint team. I have spent my career serving K12 education first as an educator and later by building software solutions for educators, students, and parents.

I know how important truly useful technology solutions are for these groups. My commitment to SchoolMint is to lead an organization that is focused on delivering best-in-class solutions and services that instill a sense of pride in our employees and delight the educators, students and families we serve.

I intend to spend the next few months learning all aspects of our business and meeting with and listening to our employees and customers. I will draw on my experiences as an educator and education technology executive as I come up to speed.

I look forward to hearing directly from many of our district and school leaders and end-users about where SchoolMint is providing exceptional value and what areas we can continue to evolve and improve to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our team is energized to continue building on the legacy that you and Forum have created by helping educators create bright, sustainable futures.



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