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6 Things You May Have Missed from SchoolMint

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Jan 12, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Here are six things SchoolMint did last year that you may have missed.

School is back in session for many schools and districts across the country, and SchoolMint is here and ready to help. Whether you’re an existing client of ours or are just learning what SchoolMint is all about (hint: education technology for K-12), we want to help you get off to a great start in 2022.

To start, let’s take a look back at some product highlights from last year you may have missed.

From new acquisitions to new products and branding, a lot happened — and we want to be sure you didn’t miss a thing!

1. Next Generation in K-12 Enrollment Software Launched

In August 2021, we launched one of our most ambitious projects to date: SchoolMint Enroll. As our flagship enrollment product, Enroll is a customizable platform that brings the best features of our legacy enrollment software and SmartChoice.

What does that mean for school and district leaders?


With Enroll, you can:

  • Manage your entire enrollment process in one customizable platform
  • Manage applications, lottery and placement, student registration, and re-enrollment.
  • Eliminate wait lists, long in-person lines, and stacks of paper applications to sift through.
  • Offer families and administrators a more efficient, streamlined online enrollment experience — which is also accessible via mobile device.
  • Expand school enrollment accessibility to families who don’t speak English as well as deliver a user-friendly interface for parents and guardians.

2. SchoolMint Added K-12 Strategic Marketing Services

In March 2021, SchoolMint acquired Bright Minds Marketing. Doing this added a full suite of strategic marketing services for K-12 schools to SchoolMint’s suite of enrollment solutions. After all, if a family can’t find you, how can they enroll with you?

Our team of school enrollment marketing specialists can help you:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your school or district website through a full marketing audit.
  • Conduct a secret shopper on your enrollment process, letting you know firsthand what a typical parent or guardian will experience with you.
  • Get personalized, friendly guidance from a team of K-12 school marketing experts.

3. Instructional Coaching Platform Became SchoolMint Grow

In September 2021, SchoolMint Grow got a new look and name to better align it with our full suite of strategic enrollment management solutions. After acquiring the platform in late 2020, SchoolMint had to incorporate Grow — then known as Whetstone — into our positive classroom solutions.


This meant two things: a new name and new brand colors!

Grow is now one of our core products, letting school leaders and coaches:

  • Enhance each teacher’s natural teaching abilities through one-on-one, personalized instructional coaching.
  • Create action steps and mastery goals for each teacher to reach.
  • Track and report on coaching activities with built-in data reporting.
  • Upload, share, or record videos in the platform.
  • Leave timestamped notes, quick feedback, and more.
  • Use your own forms, rubrics, and other customizable documents.

4. First CRM for K-12 Schools Arrived to Connect Families with Education

SchoolMint unveiled this powerful, insightful platform — the first of its kind for K-12 schools — in June 2021.

As the first-ever customer relationship management software (or, to more accurately describe what it does, family relationship management), SchoolMint Connect is just what you need to build a robust, data-driven enrollment strategy.


Connect offers school administrators a way to easily gather the information you need to build family relationships, increase student enrollment, and streamline your operations.

With Connect, you can:

  • Capture data and contact information from prospective families.
  • Monitor trends: how families find you, why they choose you, demographics, and more.
  • Manage events and school inquiries all in one platform.
  • Automate and send personalized follow-up emails to parents and guardians.

5. SchoolMint Acquired Robust Data Platform Schoolrunner

SchoolMint acquired Colorado-based data platform Schoolrunner in June 2021. As part of our solutions for creating positive, productive classrooms, Schoolrunner empowers school leaders with data — and much more! 


With Schoolrunner, you can:

  • Track academics across your school — by grade level, by subject, and more.
  • Communicate with families in the language they speak at home.
  • Call parents and guardians while taking notes during the conversation
  • Log and track student behavior, which can reveal behavior trends across campus.
  • Empower your school decision-making with real numbers backed by hard, objective data.

6. Behavior Management Platform SchoolMint Hero Unveiled a New Look


SchoolMint Hero, an all-in-one behavior management system for improving student attendance and behavior, has been a staple of SchoolMint’s offerings.

And last year, it got a refreshing new brand identity! Updating Hero’s color scheme is all part of our initiative to bring our product and service offerings under the strategic enrollment management umbrella.

Accessible from your preferred device, Hero lets school leaders and teachers:

  • Communicate directly with families about their child’s behavior — both negative and positive actions.
  • Track, manage, and report on student behavior as well as behavior trends.
  • Incentivize students to show up ready to learn and behave in accordance with your policies and frameworks.
  • Create equity in discipline and enforce clear, consistent, school-wide expectations.
  • Reduce tardiness, in turn reducing chronic absenteeism.

Looking Ahead: SchoolMint is Here to Support You

Last year was a big one for SchoolMint. And we promise 2022 will be even better!

Throughout the struggles of COVID-19, we’re here to support schools and districts for any need — whether that’s for enrolling more students, marketing your school, growing your teachers through ongoing coaching, improving student behavior, decreasing tardiness, connecting with families, or gathering data to drive your decision-making.



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