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Welcome to 2024: What to Expect from SchoolMint This Year

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Jan 2, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Welcome to 2024!

On behalf of SchoolMint, I’m excited to extend a warm welcome to you, whether you’re returning to your school or district office today or returning next week.

At SchoolMint, we’re back to normal operating hours and are ready to chat with you with refreshed, renewed enthusiasm. Of course, part of this enthusiasm is born from all the exciting things we have planned for this year!

What’s Ahead in 2024?


More of everything you love, find helpful, and want to see from us.

This year, we’re dedicated to enriching your experience with SchoolMint by offering more insightful content, particularly content focused on our partners: case studies, stories, and spotlights on the incredible work happening with our partners.

We understand the importance of learning from real experiences from real schools and districts just like yours, so we’re thrilled to bring you closer to these stories that showcase the transformative power of SchoolMint partnerships.

Introducing Our Monthly Learning Series

Starting this month, we’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our community engagement and education initiatives: a monthly learning series!

Delivered through a webinar format, this series will feature interactive sessions that delve into various facets of what schools and districts need to succeed in the modern enrollment landscape — with the inaugural installment focusing on using AI (specifically, ChatGPT) for creating and improving your student recruitment strategy.

More to come on that specific episode later this month. Keep an eye out on our social channels — or be among the first to know by signing up for the SchoolMint Insider newsletter!

Delivered approximately every two weeks, our newsletter is your opportunity to hear about upcoming episodes as well as many other things subscribers will receive this year: customer spotlights, new content guides, first dibs at seats in our enrollment training course, and more.

Sign up today to receive the first newsletter of 2024 along with thousands of other school administrators and leaders just like you! schoolmintinsider-logo-newsletter-header-updated

Coming Soon: A Resource Room

We saw a critical need in 2023 among schools and districts we spoke to for help, particularly with ready-made resources (like templates) to how-to articles and general education on a variety of enrollment and student recruitment topics.

That’s why we spent months brainstorming how we could fill that need — and why we’re soon launching a “resource room” that’ll be your go-to space for:

  • Prior episodes in our learning series
  • Enrollment training videos
  • Downloadable templates (such as a press release template)
  • Downloadable full-length and mini content guides (including takeaways of popular blogs and case studies)
  • School marketing resources (how to set up Google Alerts for your school, how to figure out your school’s “story,” etc.)
  • Social media resources (for example, how to create Facebook events for parents)
  • Planning and organizational resources (such as charts for you to do your own SWOT analysis or set SMART goals)

We’ll have more to tell you about this soon — including the room’s official name — so stay tuned for the launch, where you’ll learn how you can access the room.

Looking Forward — Together

At SchoolMint, we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue serving K-12 this year. More than ever, we recognize the need to provide solutions that match children with schools that help them succeed, empower families to access education, and grow teachers for the overall improvement of each student.

As we navigate the new horizons of 2024, we’re excited you’ll be on this journey with us.

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn for the aforementioned upcoming webinar — or have the invite personally delivered to your inbox by signing up for SchoolMint’s newsletter here!

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