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SchoolMint Enroll 2.2 is Here!

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Dec 14, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Over the summer, we announced the launch of SchoolMint Enroll version 2.0. But true to SchoolMint’s nature as a company that’s always striving to make the best even better, we didn’t stop at 2.0.

That’s why in September, we launched version 2.1 — and yesterday, as our clients are gearing up to head into the thick of enrollment season, we launched SchoolMint Enroll version 2.2!

Note: If you’re a current user of SchoolMint Enroll and have questions about your software — or you just want to know more about the 2.2 updates — please reach out to Technical Support.

What’s New in 2.2?

SchoolMint Enroll 2.2 has a variety of minor enhancements and quality-of-life features, which I’ll list out at the end, but the big thing I want to call out is the new Workflow Notifications feature.

New Feature: Workflow Notifications

Initially a feature unveiled this past summer with SchoolFinder, Workflow Notifications have expanded into SchoolMint Enroll as well! This exciting new feature is the key to unlocking communication at all levels.

With this feature, you can create custom notifications to be sent to your administrative team members and/or guardians. These notifications trigger when an administrator, guardian, or the system itself performs a specific action.

For example, users can add a workflow notification for applications and have the notification trigger when a guardian changes their address. Then the administrator can decide which user group or individual user(s) will receive notification of that action.

You can see an example of notification triggers below as well as how users have the option of creating and then using their own custom notification triggers:

schoolmint enroll 2.2 new workflow notifications feature

If you’re a current SchoolMint Enroll user and want to learn more about creating your own notifications, please visit the Enroll User Guide or reach out to your representative!

2. Lottery Improvements

Of course, in the spirit of lottery season, we’re thrilled to add a handful of lottery enhancements to SchoolMint Enroll.

Here are some of those improvements:

  • Lottery Priority names and Sub-lottery numbers will display in the applications module.
  • Fields from the Lottery Rankings table available for saved views in the applications module.
  • Choose to notify the guardian when accepting/declining a lottery placement on behalf of a family.

schoolmint enroll 2.2 lottery improvements

3. User Group Restrictions on Form Steps

SchoolMint Enroll users now have the ability to add user restrictions to a form step so that sensitive data is accessible only to authorized groups. Administrators can do this in two ways:

  • By completely hiding the step from specific User Groups.
  • By granting view-only access to specific User Groups.

For example, if you’re a district administrator, you can make it so that student health information is viewable only to school nurses — and not to your registrar. This feature ensures confidential information remains with relevant personnel.

schoolmint enroll 2.2 user group restrictions feature

Also New in 2.2

While I’m pretty stoked about Workflow Notifications in SchoolMint Enroll, there are a variety of other things worth highlighting about this release, of course!

The product team here has also included a laundry list of enhancements — as follows:

  • Ability to bulk update application settings for programs
  • Calculated fields allow for three decimal places
  • Option at the program level to exclude weekends when calculating the auto-decline/offer expiration deadline
  • New standard report: Application Count by Ranked Choice
  • Four new data models in the Report Builder
  • Clickable links on Students and Lotteries screens for improved navigation
  • New fields added to Skyward API for sync service

Ready to Learn More?

As the leader in student enrollment management, SchoolMint remains committed to improving our platform to better serve the needs of schools, districts, and families.

This latest release is a testament to that commitment — and it’s one we plan on upholding. Stay tuned as we continue to improve SchoolMint Enroll and plan for yet more enhancements to come in 2024!

Not a current client? Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about SchoolMint Enroll and how SchoolMint stands above the competition in K-12 student enrollment software!chat with a schoolmint k-12 enrollment consultant ad

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