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Looking Back on a Year of SchoolMint Enroll: What’s Next?

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Jun 15, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Something incredible is coming to change the landscape of student enrollment in K-12…

Since SchoolMint’s inception, we’ve maintained a focus on student enrollment, always striving to improve efficiency with the process and user experiences for school districts, charter management organizations, individual schools, enrollment faculty, and families.

That’s why, in Fall 2021, we sought to revolutionize the way parents enroll in schools and schools enroll students.

To achieve that, we married the best features of our legacy enrollment platform as well as Smart Choice. The result of this union: SchoolMint Enroll.

It’s been almost two years since the unveiling of SchoolMint Enroll, and we’ve seen versions from 1.0 to 1.12 come through since then. And now it’s time for the next generation of enrollment excellence: SchoolMint Enroll 2.0.

What’s SchoolMint Enroll 2.0?

So, first thing’s first: is SchoolMint Enroll 2.0 a new product? Nope!

SchoolMint Enroll 2.0 is simply the next version of our existing student enrollment platform. With the upcoming update, SchoolMint Enroll will roll from version 1.12 to version 2.0 as a signifier of the major enhancements to come.

And I do mean major.

Just How Major, Though?

Version 2.0 introduces highly anticipated, oft-requested features that’ll revolutionize K-12 online enrollment management.

Because no one understands large-scale, complex enrollment management better than SchoolMint, SchoolMint Enroll 2.0 will offer an experience like no other system — with functionalities no other system can match.

Additionally, SchoolMint Enroll 2.0 will seamlessly integrate with SchoolFinder, creating an easy school search/discovery and enrollment experience for faculty and families alike.

So what’s new? Dive in to get the highlights of what you can expect soon from SchoolMint Enroll 2.0!Subscribe to the schoolmint blog ad

1. New Feature: Boundary Management

The greatly enhanced section of the Boundary Settings page enables administrators to review boundaries that have been uploaded, what they are named, and what KML file they originated from.

Additionally, there’s now a map view that displays all of the uploaded boundaries and includes an address checker that will empower admins to verify family addresses for school zones, priority, or other rules-based geographies.

Lastly, when importing files, administrators have more control over what’s overwritten, and they can record the file that generated the boundaries.

This feature is arguably the greatest leap forward for the highest number of schools because it helps them not just import but also manage their boundary data!

2. New Feature: Seat Tracker

There are three distinct features built into the new Seat Tracker:

  • In the Reports settings, there’s a section called “Manage Seat Tracker” that allows admins to filter for their school(s) and enter capacities and returning students. The difference between these two results in the “Seats Available” number.
  • On the Program Settings tab for each program, administrators can control whether seat availability is visible to families in the program selection step and whether they see an actual number of seats or just an indicator of whether seats are listed as Available, Limited, or Not Available.
  • In the Reports module of SchoolMint Enroll, there’s a new category of report called “Seat Availability,” which uses the data entered/calculated in the first bullet point. This report displays data for admins across programs and grades so they can see at a glance where they have seats available.

These three components provide functionality beyond what either of our legacy platforms offered and lays a foundation for even more sophisticated reporting and analysis in the future.

3. Communications

The communication functions of SchoolMint Enroll are some of the most critical and most appreciated functions among school and district administrators, and we’re constantly looking to improve them.

This version brings two enhancements:

  • Communication Logs will display if a message was automated (i.e., system-generated) or if the message was ad hoc.
  • Administrators can directly access a dynamic list of data variables to use in their communications, including custom fields, for ad hoc and automated email templates.

4. Program/School Descriptions Visible to During Application and Registration

There is now a new field on both the school and program pages that enables districts to provide additional information to families during the application and registration processes.

5. Merge Students Redesign

The Merge Student capabilities have been completely revamped to make it easier for administrators to understand the steps and indicate which student record should be the surviving one and what data elements should be retained or discarded.

6. Customizable Views on Lotteries and Placements Page

The Lottery and Placement page has been greatly enhanced to make it more readable and usable for admins. The dynamic views feature has been added so that admins can determine what columns they wish to display, and those views can be stored as Saved Views.

Each row of the lottery list also now includes an action icon (vertical ellipses) that permits administrators to take actions on a placement, including directly opening the student’s application.

There’s also a new Bulk Offer button over each list that lets administrators make multiple offers at once and control whether the family receives a notification.

Better Together: SchoolMint Enroll x SchoolFinder

Aside from the new features within SchoolMint Enroll, perhaps one of the most exciting things to come for school districts is its seamless integration with the new SchoolFinder.

Organizations with both platforms will be able to configure, enter, and import data to support the redesigned and relaunched SchoolFinder platform. 

In the Forms settings, there’s now a section for SchoolFinder where the steps and fields for Finder are configured for both entry and display.  Then on each program page there is a new tab for SchoolFinder where school/district admins can enter the content to display on SchoolFinder.

There’s more to come soon on our blog about the new SchoolFinder, so stay tuned!

Save the Date: July 14, 2023

As we reflect on what we accomplished with SchoolMint Enroll 1.0, where we can improve, and where we’re headed, we’re eagerly anticipating the launch of SchoolMint Enroll 2.0 as well as the new SchoolFinder on July 14, 2023.

SchoolMint Enroll 2.0 and its integration with SchoolFinder truly make SchoolMint the leading provider of enrollment solutions in K-12 education, bringing our district and charter partners best-in-class features that no other student enrollment platform offers.

We’ll be updating both the SchoolMint Enroll and SchoolFinder webpages very soon, where you’ll be able to learn about the new features more in-depth.

But if you truly can’t wait until July 14, 2023, get in touch with our sales team (or your customer success representative) to learn more about the 2.0 release and to get a sneak peek of what’s to come!chat with a schoolmint k-12 enrollment consultant ad

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