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SchoolMint Enroll 2.1 is Here!

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Sep 20, 2023 8:00:00 AM

SchoolMint Enroll version 2.1 is here — and here’s what’s new!

This past June, we announced the launch of SchoolMint Enroll version 2.0. But true to SchoolMint’s nature as a company that is always improving and striving toward making the best even better, we knew it wasn’t enough to stop at 2.0.

Our product experts immediately got back to work on SchoolMint Enroll, soliciting feedback from users and conducting rigorous pre-release testing. And now we’re excited to announce the release of SchoolMint Enroll version 2.1!

What’s Fun in Enroll 2.1?

SchoolMint Enroll 2.1 is all about smaller enhancements and feature updates that improve the user experience on a variety of fronts. Read below to get the highlights!

If you’re a current user of SchoolMint Enroll and have questions about your software — or you just want to know more about the 2.1 updates — please reach out to your customer success representative.Subscribe to the schoolmint blog ad

1. Prevent Duplicate Student Creation

With 2.1, administrators can now enable a setting on the Student Information Form Process to prevent duplicate student creation. This huge, oft-requested enhancement for SchoolMint Enroll users will improve data accuracy for schools and lead to less frustration for parents and guardians.

For example, if a guardian tries to create a student that already exists in the system, SchoolMint Enroll will flag that action and alert the guardian to either 1.) provide the student's SIS ID, 2.) contact the school, or 3.) allow them to proceed. You have the ability to configure the system’s behavior when a duplicate is flagged.

2. Admin Import Tool

Users can now easily manage administrators via the admin import tool, add new administrators, and bulk update user permissions. 

3. Usability Improvements/Ease of Setup

SchoolMint Enroll 2.1 offers out-of-the-box default flags and filters:

  • New Flags: Non-validated addresses, multiples
  • New Filter: Not Placed in Lottery

4. Search and Filter in Boundary Manager

We introduced Boundary Manager in the summer 2.0 update. In 2.1, we’ve improved Boundary Manager’s usability to have new search and filter options.

5. Upgraded Scheduling/Events

SchoolMint Enroll 2.1 has improved usability of the Scheduling/Events module. Administrators can better track unbooked RSVP stats, have enhanced search and filtering, and have ability to import multiple events.

6. New Email Templates

SchoolMint Enroll users now have more options to stay informed. Users can receive an admin notification when an application is submitted and then decide if they want to notify families when their application eligibility status changes.

7. Upgraded Guardian Message Center

We’ve upgraded the Message Center so that parents and guardians who choose to receive only text messages can now see the full associated email content in the Message Center.

8. Upgraded Google Translate

With the upgraded Google Translate functionality in SchoolMint Enroll, administrators can select which languages to display to parents and guardians.

9. Reports and Dynamic Views with Improved Usability

We’ve improved the usability of viewing default data as answer values rather than numbers (i.e., Submitted, Not Submitted, Eligible, Ineligible, In Processing, Offer Pending, Offer Accepted, Offer Declined, Yes/No).

Ready to Learn More?

As the leader in student enrollment management, SchoolMint remains committed to improving our platform to better serve the needs of schools, districts, and families.

This latest release is a testament to that commitment — and it’s one we plan on upholding. Stay tuned as we continue to improve SchoolMint Enroll and plan for student placement and lottery management enhancements in version 2.2!

Not a current client? Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about SchoolMint Enroll and how SchoolMint stands above the competition in student enrollment management!chat with a schoolmint k-12 enrollment consultant ad

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