5 Tips for Early Childhood Education Enrollment

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Apr 2, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Whether you run a Head Start program, public Pre-K school, or childcare center, these five tips will help you attract more students and families to your early childhood education (ECE) program for years to come. 

5 Tips for ECE Enrollment

1. Be Visible

Having a digital and social media presence are key. Be visible in your community. Meet your families where they are: online! And very likely on their phones, too, which means you should also…

2. Go Mobile

Create a positive first impression with a user-friendly mobile app that streamlines the application process and makes it easy for parents and guardians to complete their application, upload necessary files, and track their acceptance status.

3. Automate Placement

Create accurate placement outcomes and reduce phone calls. Keep families informed and engaged with online real-time status updates.

4. Digitize Enrollment

The easier your enrollment process is, the better chance you have of families completing it. Increase your odds with an online enrollment platform that offers file uploading.

5. Fill Seats

With your seats filled, you’ll attract, enroll, and retain a steady stream of ECE students for years to come!

SchoolMint’s online solutions make it easy for you to reach the families that best fit your program, using customizable income verification standards, real-time status updates, and a document upload feature.



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