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The Power of Strategic Enrollment Management

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Nov 2, 2022 8:00:00 AM

SchoolMint’s Chief Evangelist explains the power of Strategic Enrollment Management in K-12 schools and districts.

In a recent interview, SchoolMint’s Chief Evangelist, Matt Coats, discussed why school districts need to embrace strategic enrollment management. He also spoke about how SchoolMint can help districts attract, enroll, and retain students in a competitive K-12 educational marketplace.

Read on for his insights from that interview, where he explains what strategic enrollment is, why it is important, and how school districts can get started.

Matt coats the expert on strategic enrollment management in k12About the Author: Matt Coats has worked with school districts for over 15 years. He is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of strategic enrollment management (SEM) in K-12. In his role at SchoolMint, Coats works with school districts across the country to help them understand and implement SEM practices.

What is Strategic Enrollment Management? 

Strategic enrollment management (SEM) is a proactive and comprehensive approach to managing a school district’s student population. It encompasses everything from marketing and recruitment to enrollment and retention.

The goal of SEM is to ensure that schools are enrolling the students they need in order to meet their educational goals.

Why is SEM Important?

The current competitive landscape of K-12 education requires schools to be proactive in their efforts to attract and enroll students.

A district that does not have a SEM plan in place risks losing students to other districts that are more proactive in their recruiting and marketing efforts. 

Additionally, a district that does not properly manage its enrollment risks overcrowding its classrooms and straining its resources — or, conversely, it could end up with under-capacity schools, prompting discussions of consolidation. 

How Can SchoolMint Help?

SchoolMint is the leading provider of student enrollment software for K-12 school districts. Our software helps districts streamline the admissions process and better manage their student data.

We also provide a suite of tools specifically designed to help districts with their marketing and recruitment efforts.

Our software makes it easy for parents to find and apply to schools, and our marketing tools help districts reach out to prospective students and families. 


The importance of strategic enrollment management cannot be overstated.

In today’s competitive K-12 educational marketplace, school districts must be proactive in their efforts to attract, enroll, and retain students.

SchoolMint can help your district streamline the admissions process, better manage your student data, and reach out to prospective students through our marketing tools.

Learn more about SchoolMint’s strategic enrollment management solutions here.



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