How to Fund Your Student Behavior Initiatives

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May 19, 2020 5:33:48 AM

Go on. Take the funding. And run.

School climate and culture, emotional learning, and behavior are deeply interconnected. The success of each is determined by their collective success: If you can improve student behavior, you can transform your school’s climate, and vice versa.

From school improvement funds and grants to purchasing co-ops, the funding you need is available to fuel your student behavior programs.

Funding student behavior initiatives leads to happier studentsRide the Title I Wave

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Title I funds can often be applied to SchoolMint Hero because it can improve school climate, student engagement, school safety, and family involvement. If you’re not sure how that would work for your district, we’re happy to explain.

Just remember that if you do want to go this route, it may take some time to secure Title I funds for these purposes, so getting started early is best!

Go for a Grant

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There are a number of school improvement grants that can be applied to programs like Hero. Grants can differ in scope and availability, so it’s important to research your grants or work with a grant coordinator to find the right fit.

But our team can also help you get started! The grants most commonly used to fund Hero include:

Power to the Purchasing Co-Ops

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Purchasing cooperatives are a great way for schools and districts to find reliable vendors. And they may allow you to get advantaged pricing and expedite the purchasing process, saving you the time you would have spent on a bid.

SchoolMint Hero belongs to these purchasing co-ops:

  • NCPA (Contract Number: 01-16)
  • TIPS/TAPS (Contract Number: 3012413)

How SchoolMint Hero Can Help

We know the needs of each school organization are unique, from each school all the way down to each individual classroom. After you analyze what is necessary for improvement and what will achieve measurable results, the funding journey can begin. It can be overwhelming, but the resources are there to help elevate your efforts to the next level.

Whether you need to fund your current budget cycle, future budget, or something else, our payment program will help you get Hero going in a way that makes sense for your budget.

  • Early Installation Program: With the early installation program, you can go through the installation and the onboarding process before your next budget cycle (and semester). This lets you get comfortable with the system, gets your team trained properly, and helps you iron out the kinks before a full-scale rollout. The early installation program is an excellent choice for those who want to implement Hero at the beginning of summer and submit a purchase order in July.
  • Credit Card Recurring Monthly Payment: Putting Hero in place at your school requires a one-year commitment, but if it makes more sense for your school to pay via a recurring monthly credit card payment, we’re more than happy to accommodate.

You can be better equipped to develop, enhance, or expand systems of support for improving student outcomes. Taking advantage of the funding sources that are available to you can make all the difference in achieving your schools’ individual and unique goals.

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