6 Benefits of Having a CRM for Your School or District

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Aug 2, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Student enrollment efforts happen year-round. It doesn’t just end in the spring.

The school year is about to begin and now’s the time for holding school tours, open houses, and other events.

Do you have designated personnel specifically for enrollment and events? If not, it can be difficult to carve out the time to engage with your returning families, while also effectively managing communications with your prospective families.

The secret to creating engaged and informed families is a tool that sales and marketing professionals have been using for years: customer relationship management (CRM).

What is a CRM Platform?

CRM software is designed to give you a holistic look at all your prospective and current customers or contacts.

Not only does it allow you to capture all your customer’s contact information but it also allows you to group them in buckets, track interactions, and, most importantly, segment these customers for automated interactions.

For most businesses, CRM software is key to their ability to understand their target audience and effectively communicate with customers.

Leaders in education are now starting to implement CRM technology, like SchoolMint Connect, to improve enrollment communications and processes with families. So, what are the benefits of having a school CRM system?

Here are six ways a CRM — or family relationship management — system can help your school or district increase student enrollment, enrich community engagement, and focus on the education and needs of the students you serve:

1. Keep track of your families.

CRM software allows you to track each family and student as they move through the enrollment funnel. Your CRM dashboard makes it easy to see and track the data you care about most. Build the forms you need with the fields you want to make it easy for a family to enroll in your school.

2. Save time and money with automation.

Time is money, and you should spend it wisely. With improved quality and efficiency from your software, you can spend more time focusing on actionable efforts, such as hosting school tours and visiting with prospective families.

3. Optimize marketing with accurately targeted recruitment.

A good CRM will help you see how families find your school and why they choose to enroll. It will visualize demographic data to help you better understand your school’s community and the families you serve.

See where enrolled students are coming from in your community so you can specifically target your marketing efforts for improved recruitment outcomes.

4. Build better family relationships.

With a CRM, you can turn your families into school champions by building better connections and more meaningful relationships. Send out personalized emails to prospective families about school tours and other school-related events.

Keep your community informed and engaged.

5. Create a seamless enrollment experience for families.

Using a CRM, along with your enrollment platform, gives you a birds-eye view of your enrollment season. Create personalized emails for each stage of enrollment, and send text messages to remind parents of their enrollment status.

Never miss an opportunity to engage your families again.

6. Gain powerful insights.

Monitor and support families as they progress through your enrollment process.

  • Identify enrollment gaps and pinpoint when and where a family drops off in your enrollment process.
  • Attain instant visibility into key school or district metrics.
  • Build meaningful reports with the data you need to keep all stakeholders properly informed.

Connect with your families. Use a CRM built just for K-12 Education — SchoolMint Connect, our family relationship management solution.



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