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Why Do I Need a Teacher Coaching Platform?

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Apr 13, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Instructional coaching can have a huge impact on classroom outcomes, but the process can be hard to manage.

It’s hard enough to find time in the day to get into classrooms at all, much less track down all of your observation notes and coaching meeting feedback. Plus, coaching requires a paradigm shift in your entire school.

If you’ve taken the time to build the necessary culture of coaching in your school, you and your leadership team need to hold each other accountable for doing the coaching you’ve promised to teachers, and your teachers will (rightfully) expect to get feedback in a timely manner.

SchoolMint Grow can help you do both — plus improve the professional development (PD) you’re giving to teachers by making it data-driven and cutting down on the headache of reporting paperwork at the end of the year.

1. Save Time

School leaders spend nearly 10% of their time each week managing the mountain of paperwork that comes from teacher observations and feedback.

Platforms like SchoolMint Grow pull together all of those observation notes, trackers, and email chains into one central location, saving leaders precious time they can spend in classrooms.

What would you do with 10% more time in your day?

2. Simplify Year-End Reporting

In 2019 (more recent data is hard to come by), 44 states required annual reporting of teacher evaluations.

This means that, each year, school and district HR teams in 44 states are responsible for wrangling data for hundreds to thousands of teachers.

The end of the year is busy enough for you. It shouldn’t take days to compile exports.

Do you have a platform that makes it easy to report observation data at the end of the year to ensure your school or district remains in compliance?

3. Ditch “Sit and Get” Professional Development

Classroom observations and coaching meetings can be impactful, but what really moves the needle on outcomes is PD that is specifically tailored to a teacher’s individual professional growth needs.

Without a platform, it’s nearly impossible to pull coaching data into meaningful reports.

With SchoolMint Grow, you can see in which areas select teachers are struggling most and group them together for targeted PD sessions — rather than traditional, ineffective sit-and-get PD.Subscribe to the schoolmint blog ad

4. Increase Satisfaction

It costs roughly $20,000 to replace a teacher, and one of the top reasons teachers cite for leaving the classroom is dissatisfaction.

Coaching strengthens relationships between teachers and administrators — and builds a sense of connection to the school community.

Plus, with a teacher coaching platform like SchoolMint Grow, it’s easy for you to share feedback in real time, creating a seamless way to show your teachers they are valued, recognizing their work, and challenging them to grow.

And when your teachers grow, so will student success across the board.

Ready to learn more? See what SchoolMint Grow can do for your school or district!observe coach and repeat with the teacher coaching platform schoolmint grow ad



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