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Using SchoolMint Grow for Leadership Coaching Organizations

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May 26, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Building coaching capacity in school leaders is hard. Here’s how SchoolMint Grow makes it easy.

As an instructional leadership coaching organization, you’ve spent years designing your programs, recruiting participants, and executing high-impact sessions on how to implement coaching in schools.

On surveys, your participants rate your organization highly and say that they find your programs valuable, but you’re not seeing outcomes change in their schools.

With the time and resources your participants have invested in this programming, your organization needs to deliver ROI — and get answers to these questions:

  • Which participants in your program are observing teachers regularly? And who needs a little help to get started coaching?
  • At your organization, “observe regularly” means observing every teacher every week. When your participants say they “observe regularly,” how do you ensure you share the same definition of “observe regularly?”
  • Are my participants writing action steps that are bite-sized and high-leverage?
  • It’s October, and it’s time for our participants to focus their coaching on increasing the rigor of instruction. How do we ensure participants are coaching on this new priority to move the needle on student learning?

Observe, Meet, Repeat: How Do I help My School Leaders Get Their Teachers Better Faster?

High-frequency, high-leverage, rigorous coaching in schools is the reason your organization exists.

You believe that all teachers deserve feedback. And you know that frequent observations, weekly data meetings, and properly sequenced action steps are the key to helping teachers get better faster.

With your programs, you’re spreading the gospel of instructional coaching, creating capacity in leaders to make teachers feel supported and challenged in their work, and continually helping them improve their effectiveness.Subscribe to the schoolmint blog ad

Square Peg, Round Hole: Spreadsheets Don’t Work to Manage Leadership Coaching

Coaching organizations often try to manage leadership coaching using spreadsheets but quickly run into problems:

  • Managing 100+ spreadsheets for all participants is unwieldy at best (and a nightmare at worst).
  • Data isn’t shared in real-time as you must rely on the school leader to share their spreadsheet on their timetable.
  • Spreadsheets provide no easy way to give ongoing feedback to a leader on the coaching work they’re doing with their teachers.
  • Your inbox is a disaster area.

A specially designed coaching platform makes it possible.

SchoolMint Grow Was Built to Help Coaching Organizations Support Leaders

Spreadsheets just don’t cut it for instructional leadership coaching organizations trying to build capacity in instructional leaders. They need an intuitive, easy-to-use platform made to help coaching organizations support school leaders: SchoolMint Grow.

SchoolMint Grow helps coaching organizations by:

  • Giving leadership coaching organizations one home to access everything related to instructional coaching for all program participants.
  • Providing access to real-time data on observation frequency, weekly data meetings, action steps, and coaching trends on the ground.
  • Letting you share feedback directly with your participants, decluttering your inbox.
  • Giving analytics to help you assess your program efficacy and prove ROI for your participants.

Why Choose SchoolMint Grow?

SchoolMint Grow was born out of necessity from a principal taking part in the Relay NPAF fellowship. He needed a better way to track his instructional coaching work in order to report it back to his Relay leadership coach.

SchoolMint Grow was built with that use case in mind. The platform is:

  • Intuitive and ridiculously easy to use. One digital home for observations, weekly data meetings, and action steps.
  • Built-in instructional leadership coaching best practices structure your participants feedback work around proven coaching strategies.
  • Instructional coaching analytics will make it easy for your program team to identify participant growth areas and design sessions to help them improve.
  • Simple sharing makes it easy for participants to share their work with their advisors, and for advisors to share feedback with participants.
  • Easy exports make frequent reporting simple for your team.

Seeing what SchoolMint Grow can do for your coaching organization is simple.

Request a free demo below to get your questions answered — and to see why SchoolMint Grow is the premier platform for leadership coaching organizations!observe coach and repeat with the teacher coaching platform schoolmint grow ad

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