The ABCDs of Schoolrunner: Attendance, Behavior, Communication, Data

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Jun 29, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Learn more about this secure school management system’s gradebook, student attendance and behavior tracking, and parent communication tools.

Every kid deserves access to teachers who understand them. Every teacher deserves access to tools that provide a holistic view of student achievement. A clear picture leads to increased understanding of the student, which in turn means enhanced teaching strategies, better student outcomes, and loads of precious time saved.

Schoolrunner by SchoolMint helps you embrace data through a secure school management system that works for both large school districts and small charter schools.

We recognize the shared responsibility of a child’s success — one where teachers, administrators, parents, and students all play an important role.

Schoolrunner provides you with visibility, leading to greater accountability.

What is Schoolrunner?

Schoolrunner is a school management system with a data-intense focus around everything that goes into student achievement. Watch this short video to learn what Schoolrunner is all about:

Schoolrunner helps teachers and school leaders gain valuable insight into their students before kids even walk into the classroom. Within just one page, teachers can make changes to attendance and behavior, review grades, and communicate home in whatever language a child’s family speaks.

And if there’s no computer nearby? Well, no problem! Teachers and administrators can easily complete these actions via Schoolrunner’s mobile app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Schoolrunner eliminates the need to access multiple tools to assess and record information. Let us become your one-stop shop for academic, attendance, behavior, and communication details.

Schoolrunner frees up your time so that you can:

  • Get to know your students better
  • Discuss lessons with your peers
  • Communicate with parents and guardians
  • Create personal plans for kids who are struggling
  • Help your principal become a more informed school leader
  • Dive as deeply into your data as you need

Put simply, Schoolrunner makes ownership of data simple and secure. Now you can create logical actions based on your findings that will positively impact student performance.

This comprehensive school management system gives you all the information you need in a flexible, straightforward format so that you can effectively create and tailor your lessons today — and have enough time to do it all again tomorrow.

Read on to learn more about the great benefits of Schoolrunner!

teacher looking over papers about student behavior

1. Real-Time Facts

Validate your gut. Pinpoint significant relationships, and track how your resulting actions have improved student outcomes. Watch your analyses update in real time as scores change and new information is entered.

2. Save Time

Quickly complete your administrative and evaluative tasks. Simply click to change attendance, input assessment results, hover over student names for detailed profile information, review group details on your homepage, or visit a dashboard for student overviews. Make the most of your time and the available information to close learning gaps.

3. Task Automation

Create dynamic or static groups to quickly review student progress and assign behavior-related tasks. You can even save specific reports to review daily changes.

4. Convenience

Live in one place. Use drop-down menus, drag-and-drops, and intuitive features to get everything you need without a headache. Don’t see what you need? We offer numerous support tools to make your life easier.

5. Visual Appeal

Interact with a simple and straightforward user interface. Configure your reports, and choose your views and layouts to see as much or as little detail as you need.

Are you a chart person? One click displays results in chart format. Prefer graphs? Click again to view your data in whichever way works best for you! Switch between report types and layouts to suit your preference.

6. Enhanced Accountability

With Schoolrunner, everyone involved in a student’s achievement has access to the data they need:

  • Students can take ownership as they see the impact of their attendance, behavior, and grades. 
  • Parents and guardians can view their child’s daily performance before they even make it home.
  • Administrators can link school goals to activity occurring throughout the entire school.

7. Data Security is a Priority

We understand the importance of data and cybersecurity for schools.

All Schoolrunner data is encrypted in transit (as someone is submitting data and loading it onto the site) and at rest (when sitting in the database). Because this data is encrypted, even if an unauthorized user accesses the database, they wouldn’t be able to read the data.

For SchoolMint employees who can access the data, we work on encrypted harddrives, and users must be given explicit access via a secure tunnel so that there’s an added layer of security beyond just a username and password.

Additionally, Schoolrunner is FERPA compliant. You can read more about FERPA compliance here.

We know the pressures involved in being evidence-based, and we also know the software fatigue teachers, other staff, and school leaders can experience to get there.

We believe in the power of data, and Schoolrunner can help you master it with ease. Our goal is to empower teachers, school and district leaders, students, and families through easy access and a common understanding of what impacts students’ achievement.

Let Schoolrunner make your data work for you.

Click here to learn more about Schoolrunner.



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