Teacher Attrition: How to Reverse the Trend

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Apr 12, 2021 10:53:47 AM

Teacher Attrition: How to Reverse the Trend

Teacher attrition is on the rise. It’s a challenging trend that many schools across the country are now facing.

We have the tools and tips to help you support your teachers.

What Leads to Teacher Attrition?

  • Stress
  • Low pay
  • Unmanaged student behavior
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Testing standards
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of administrative support

The data tells us that 90% of open teaching positions are created by teachers who leave the profession early (as opposed to retiring), and 55% of teachers cite dissatisfaction as the reason for their departure.

One of the main problems that teachers cite is a lack of administrative support.

4 Tips to Increase Teacher Retention

1. Implement User-Friendly Technology

  • Use one online hub to schedule and store all observation and feedback communications.
  • Track and record all observation frequencies, teacher assessments, meetings, and follow-up plans.
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork by using online forms instead of paper.
  • Be virtual–hybrid compatible by sharing videos with your feedback and by uploading lesson plans online.

2. Create a Culture of Feedback

  • Make coaching interactive by inviting teachers to become active participants in their development.
  • Choose the right feedback platform and ensure feedback flows in both directions.
  • Reward teachers for skill mastery once they’ve mastered a challenge or completed a task.
  • Create a buddy system within your staff to invite collaboration and reduce the feeling of isolation.

3. Coach What You See

  • Look to the classroom for areas of improvement.
  • Assess student behavior trends to coordinate relevant coaching topics and to reduce behavior burdens.
  • Find opportunities to give the three types of feedback: appreciation, evaluation, and coaching.
  • Create actionable follow-up items to keep the momentum going.

4. Mentor with Meaning

  • Make professional development a priority by dedicating time consistently to support teacher growth.
  • Support SEL and mental health of all by investing in resources and teaching teachers to embody SEL methods.
  • Improve job performance with coaching to improve job satisfaction.
  • Give the preferred praise-to-criticism ratio when coaching, which is about 6:1, according to Harvard Business Review.

SchoolMint’s coaching and classroom observation platform, SchoolMint Grow, can help you support teachers in their growth and support them in their role.

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