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How to Spend Your Title I and Title II Funds

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May 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Read on for a high-level overview of how you can spend any remaining Title I or Title II funds.

Do you have unused federal funds lying around? These expire July 1, 2022, regardless of whether you use them. So what to do? Use them or lose them! 

Read below for a high-level view of how you can use this money to improve your school for the upcoming year.

Title I, Part A: Improving Basic Programs

Purpose: To close educational achievement gaps and provide all children with a fair, equitable, high-quality education. 

Eligibility: Based on the percentage of students that meet low socio-economic status criteria.

How Can I Use Title I Funds?

Title I funds are for non-instructional costs (e.g. behavior/attendance management) if these costs help student achievement.

SchoolMint’s behavior management platform, SchoolMint Hero, lets you:

  • Reward good behavior while redirecting the bad
  • Create positive, productive classrooms for teachers and students
  • Enforce fair, equitable discipline according to your policies
  • Support SEL as well as RTI systems for tracking tiered interventions
  • Communicate directly with families about the child

Title II: Supporting Effective Instruction

Purpose: To improve teacher and principal quality through recruitment and professional development.

Eligibility: Based on a formula that accounts for the state’s number of school-age children and how many are from low-income families.

How Can I Use Title II Funds?

Title II funds are for supplemental activities that improve the quality of teachers and school leaders.

SchoolMint’s teacher coaching and professional development platform, SchoolMint Grow, lets you:

  • Reduce teacher attrition by offering one-on-one support
  • Improve your teachers’ capabilities via instructional coaching
  • Ensure students of low-income households have access to high-quality teachers
  • Build a culture of feedback that leads to positive classrooms
  • Collaborate on lesson plans, share videos, and much more

What About American Rescue Plan Funds?

If you want to know how you can invest in and enhance your school with ARP funds, discover six ways to use this money in the guide Making Investments That Matter.



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