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Stress-Test Your Enrollment System with These Steps

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May 25, 2018 10:20:40 AM

Here are five strategies to respond to critical enrollment-related concerns.

All too often, districts and school networks feel in the dark about future enrollment numbers. But the good news is that there are steps you can take to strengthen the equity of your system and engage more families.

Creating a steady stream of interested students just takes some strategic thinking.

Here is where to start.

1. Improve the Parent and Guardian Experience

  • Engage with prospective families before they begin the process.
  • Communicate with parents and guardians both early and often.
  • Give parents and guardians real-time access to enrollment information.
  • Provide a friendly user interface.

SchoolMint Enroll can help tremendously here.

2. Expand Equity, Access, and Transparency in the Enrollment Process

  • Support a multi-lingual enrollment process.
  • Use mobile (web and app) to reach even more families.
  • Build trust and transparency through real-time data and an audit trail.
  • Provide an accessible open enrollment, school/program choice, and transfer experience.

Once again, SchoolMint Enroll can help you with this, from supporting the languages spoken in your community to providing an accessible, equitable enrollment process.

3. Promote Revenue Sustainability

  • Increase public awareness and promote schools year-round.
  • Manage family outreach with automated messages.
  • Host information sessions and post-acceptance events.
  • Engage with families.
  • Look at recruitment as a year-round process.

A platform like SchoolMint Connect can help you engage with families year-round and manage your school events, like tours, open house days, and more.

4. Streamline Operations and Administrative Workflows

  • Optimize enrollment with automation.
  • Reclaim staff time.
  • Reduce paper, printing, postage, and storage costs.
  • Improve data accuracy with SchoolMint SIS integration.

5. Access Data Real-Time for Reliable Enrollment Data Forecasting

  • Inform key operational and budget stakeholders with real-time data.
  • Monitor applicant  and conversion flow.
  • Gain insight into student retention at transition grades.
  • Capture shifting population and choice trends earlier in the year.

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