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School for Community Learning: Increasing Enrollment in a Competitive City

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Mar 13, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Website: School for Community Learning
User since: 2023

The Challenge: Being a small school in a competitive enrollment environment. 

School for Community Learning (SCL) is an Indianapolis-based small private school with a focus on holistic, community-focused education in a warm and supportive environment. However, within only three miles of their location, there are over 40 other school choices.

Raising awareness of their school was a big challenge. 

As SCL looked at growing their student population, they began developing and professionalizing their marketing. But they had a big hurdle to overcome: resources.

The school just didn’t have the time or internal manpower to focus on improving their student recruitment experience. That’s where SchoolMint comes in! 

The Solution: Improving their storytelling and online presence.

SCL and SchoolMint partnered on both a secret shopper and a SchoolMint Engage enrollment-focused website. See below for a screenshot of their wonderful and engaging recruitment site!

The secret shopper gave SCL a complete audit on how to best improve their enrollment experience — from registration to the tour itself to follow-up activities.

This was not only a useful “report card” on what the experience was overall but also provided an actionable list of what they should do next to improve the parent experience. They were able to use this targeted list of strategies and improvements to take the prospective parent experience from average to exceptional.

For example, SCL has a great academic model, but they weren’t describing it in a way that parents understood. With a few recommended changes, they were able to tell their story in a way that makes parents excited to learn more!

Additionally, SchoolMint Engage drove significant traffic to the school’s enrollment site and made it easy for prospective parents to take the action they were ready for: to request more information, register for a school tour, or fill out an application.

SCL’s new Engage enrollment site, written by our team of professional school marketers, allowed the school’s personality to come to life and encourage families to move forward in their enrollment journey! 

The Results: 100+ school tour requests.

SCL has had a strong recruitment year. By January, they already had enough applications to backfill their graduating students, which was an exciting milestone.

They’ve noticed significantly more inquiries based on their online presence, including a record number of requests (100) for a tour or brochure — which, for a small school is a BIG accomplishment!

How many new school tour requests would get you excited?

Inspired by SCL’s journey toward better enrollment? Curious how a SchoolMint Engage site and secret shopper could benefit your school? Take the next step with SchoolMint!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our tailored solutions can help your school:

  • Conduct comprehensive secret shopper audits to pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Implement SchoolMint Engage to enhance your online presence and drive enrollment.
  • Access expert guidance and support to navigate the complexities of student recruitment.

Join the growing community of schools nationwide that have chosen SchoolMint as their trusted partner in realizing their enrollment goals.

Let’s embark on a journey of growth and educational excellence — together.

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