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Saint Joseph Academy: Reversing Declining Student Enrollment

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Jun 27, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Location: Brownsville, TX
Website: Saint Joseph Academy
Enrollment: ~500


After educating students for over 150 years, Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) was considered a cornerstone of its community in Brownsville, Texas — until they faced an unprecedented challenge: student enrollment was declining.

Their traditional feeder schools were declining in enrollment, which meant that there were fewer students available to recruit. And as new schools popped up in their area and local options improved, they were faced with something they never had before: competition.

Previously, Saint Joseph was regarded not only as the best school in the area — it was one of the ONLY non-district school options in the community.

With its long-standing position as one of the only choices in the area now contested, Saint Joseph experienced a steady decrease in student enrollment.

It became clear the school needed a fresh approach to regain their standing and appeal to modern families.


Recognizing the need for a transformation, Saint Joseph turned to SchoolMint, not just for marketing but for a true enrollment partnership.

SJA had successfully recruited students in their area for years, but suddenly, their tried-and-true recruitment methodologies were no longer working. They weren’t sure what to do next.

The game changer for Saint Joseph was having a dedicated SchoolMint enrollment coach, a trusted expert whom SJA could call upon anytime.

This personal connection ensured the school wasn’t just receiving marketing collateral like flyers and logos but was also engaging in an active, supportive partnership.

Saint Joseph was eager and excited to get started on improving their marketing and enrollment. Over the course of a year, SJA would meet every two weeks with their coach to chart the path forward toward increased student enrollment.

From assisting Saint Joseph in building a stronger digital presence to providing a plan to improve their tour with a follow-up cadence, SchoolMint helped SJA tell their story and improve enrollment right away!


The introduction of a dedicated SchoolMint enrollment coach and revamped marketing strategies led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Saint Joseph saw an immediate increase in enrollment starting the next semester, with growth sustained over four consecutive years.
  • The school achieved a significant milestone by filling all enrollment slots by January, eventually leading to the establishment of a waitlist.
  • From the beginning of their partnership with SchoolMint, SJA has increased overall student enrollment by over 35%.
  • SJA now has nearly 500 students enrolled for the 2024–2025 school year. 

Saint Joseph Academy’s partnership with SchoolMint was not just about adopting new marketing techniques; it was also about embracing a relationship that brought expertise, trust, and personalized guidance into their strategy.

The work completed with SJA exemplifies how vital a dedicated enrollment coach can be in navigating the complex landscape of school marketing and admissions, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

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