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Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy: Enrolling 175 New Students

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May 9, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Location: Chicago, IL
Website: Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy
District: Chicago Public Schools
Enrollment: 952 students


Like many schools, Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy — a magnet school within Chicago Public Schools — was focused on the day-to-day business of providing a great educational experience for their students, and they were doing it really well.

Unfortunately, as anyone in education knows, there is almost always something urgent that needs your attention, which means that some of the less urgent tasks, like updating your website or improving enrollment, often get pushed to the backburner.

Principal Virginia Hiltz knew improving enrollment was mission-critical to the school, but it just wasn’t something she had the staff, training, and time to do. That’s why she decided to partner with SchoolMint to formalize their enrollment marketing.

Maria Saucedo had an enrollment target to hit and not a lot of internal resources to get the job done! Despite having a great school, they needed to get the word out to their community as a whole and start prioritizing enrollment.

That’s where SchoolMint comes in. 


Maria Saucedo partnered with SchoolMint on several initiatives, including digital marketing with a SchoolMint Engage microsite:

maria saucedo scholastic academys schoolmint engage enrollment microsite for parents

Additionally, the school used SchoolMint’s social media advertising services to attract new families, then got a secret shopper report to ensure that once Maria Saucedo received leads from those digital efforts, parents were getting a great experience at the school.

They quickly began to implement suggested changes to their tour process, and their ads were up and running within a few weeks.

Here are two examples of their high-performing ads:school social media ad example for maria saucedo scholastic academy 1school social media ad example for maria saucedo scholastic academy 2


By implementing recommendations from their secret shopper report and then following-up with their new leads, Maria Saucedo was able to make a BIG impact on their student recruitment.

SchoolMint really helped us move from just hoping enrollment would get better to actually doing the things that help grow enrollment.

Within less than a year, Maria Saucedo had improved their enrollment by 23%, going from from 777 to 952 enrolled students.

Now, 175 additional students are benefitting from the exceptional education that Maria Saucedo provides.

To see how a partnership with SchoolMint could help you increase enrollment, get in touch with our enrollment team!chat with a schoolmint k-12 enrollment consultant ad

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