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Celebrating School Communicator’s Day

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May 7, 2024 8:00:00 AM

School communication professionals are used to shining the light on all of the amazing staff and students that make your district or school shine — from highlighting your science fair on social media to getting press coverage for a teacher going above and beyond.

School communicators are the experts behind the scenes, making sure everyone else looks great! ...But who is shining a light on the incredible work they do every day? 

That’s why you should celebrate School Communicator’s Day Friday, May 10th! 

Wondering how you can make your School Communications Professionals feel special? We’ve got you covered with a few easy ways you can let your team know how much you appreciate what they do for your school.

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Social Media Posts for School Communicators Day 

Public praise is usually a great way to celebrate your employees, and creating a quick “thank you!” post on School Communications Day is a great way to let them know you appreciate all the work they do to make your school look great!

Not confident in your graphic design skills? No worries. I’ve got you covered with a template for you to work from. Get it here or by clicking the image below:

template example for schools to use on school communicators day for social media

Thank You Cards from Students/Staff

Let’s be real, sometimes it’s nice to just be appreciated.

A thank you card from members of your staff and students can be a great way for those who work in school communications to feel the impact of their work.

When you work in school communications or marketing, it can be easy to feel like no one really notices what you do every day. So make sure they see how their work impacts the people they are showcasing on a daily basis with a personal note! 

A Sweet Treat For Your PR Professionals 

Who doesn’t love a treat? A mid-morning coffee order or lunch from their favorite local spot is a great way to say, “We notice the work you do, and we appreciate you!”

Not sure what they like? A Doordash or Starbucks gift card is a safe way to make sure they get something they’ll love.

Development or Training for School Communications Professionals

I’ve worked in school communications, and I know how hard it can be to advocate for money for your department when you know how much that money is needed in the classrooms.

So to show how much you appreciate and support your School Communication team, consider earmarking some funds for their professional development, whether it’s allowing them to choose a conference, join NSPRA, or do some other professional development. 

Speaking of Professional Development, did you know SchoolMint offers a variety of Professional Development for Marketing and Communications for Schools?


I’m probably biased because I love a good branded quarter-zip, but a nice piece of school-branded clothing is a great way to make your team feel like they are, in fact, part of the school team.

Not only is it just a nice thing to have, but it also helps them out at events where they need to represent your school.

So take a look at t-shirts, polos, or fleeces to make sure your comms team knows they are appreciated and an important part of your school or district.

The big takeaway?

Don’t forget School Comms Day on May 10th! Whether you decide to do a social post, a thank-you note, or some cool swag, make sure you shout-out the people who make your school look great.

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