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In Recognition of National Charter Schools Week 2023

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May 8, 2023 8:00:00 AM

The 2023 National Charter Schools Week kicks off today, sharing the occasion with Teacher Appreciation Week as well.

Each year, the second full week of May marks an occasion for 3,700,000 school children, 206,000 teachers, and 7,800 schools in 45 states: National Charter Schools Week!

This annual celebration recognizes the contributions of charter schools to K-12 education and their positive impact on the communities they serve.

But what’s extra special about this year’s National Charter Schools Week is that it coincides with Teacher Appreciation Week as well! (If you’d like some ideas on ways you can express appreciation for your teachers, check out 7 Ways to #ThankATeacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.)

In this post, you’ll learn why National Charter Schools Week was established, how you can get involved, and how SchoolMint can support your charter school, regardless of whether you’re a single-site school or part of a larger charter network.Subscribe to the schoolmint blog ad

What is National Charter Schools Week?

Established in 2011 by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, National Charter Schools Week is a celebration of charter schools and the role they play in providing choice to families across the country.

Since the establishment of the first charter school — City Academy High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1992 — more than 7,800 charter schools are now in operation across 45 U.S. states.

two graphs representing the growth of public charter schools

Source: National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, here are some facts about charter schools today:

  • Two-thirds of the 3,700,000 students in charter schools are from Black, Latino, or low-income backgrounds (source).
  • Charter school staff tends to be just as diverse as their student body as well. One of every three charter school leaders and teachers is an educator of color.
  • Regardless of political leaning, parents by and large are supportive of charter schools, with 73% of 5,000 surveyed parents expressing approval for charters (source).

How Can I Get Involved?

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has created a schedule of events and a toolkit for charter schools wanting to get involved in this year’s celebration. You can check out the available social media graphics, statistics, communications, and other assets here.

Additionally, here are some other actions you can take to promote your school:

  • Celebrate the week on your school’s social media page in conjunction with Teacher Appreciation Week. For example, you could do a teacher highlight for each day of the week.
  • Share the history of your school and the positive effects you’ve had in your community. Talk about your graduation rate, your students’ incredible academic achievements, notable alumni, and more!
  • Send out an email to faculty members and parents about the week (with resources on how they can get involved).
  • Share your school’s achievements as well as student and staff success stories.
  • Share the programs your school offers, especially if it’s something that makes your school unique (bonus: this doubles as easy social media content for your school).

How SchoolMint Supports Charter Schools

SchoolMint has over a decade of experience with helping charter schools not just manage but also improve student enrollment. We have a deep understanding of the charter side of K-12, including the challenges you face in an environment with so many other schooling options for parents.

If you’re in a charter school and facing declining or even flat enrollment (or even if you just want to increase your enrollment even more), consider a partnership with SchoolMint!

Our experience with charter schools ranges from large charter organizations that need to be more efficient to brand new, first-year charter schools who need an expert to handle all aspects of enrollment and marketing.

We do this through a variety of solutions that are all designed to help schools in K-12 education improve enrollment and deepen family engagement:

Ready to learn what we can do for you?

Get in touch with our team of student enrollment consultants!

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