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Teacher Attrition: New Research on Reversing the Trend

1 min read
Jul 22, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Education researchers and leaders have increasingly called attention to the growing problem of a teacher shortage in K–12.

Massive numbers of teachers are leaving the classroom in pursuit of other opportunities or leaving the field altogether — a situation that the pandemic exacerbated.
Our Chief Academic Officer and lead researcher, Dr. Chris Balow, has studied the research and trends, and compiled several resources to assist our nation’s administrators in understanding and addressing teacher attrition.
In this live webinar, Dr. Balow details the following:
  1. Statement of the problem and the stats behind it
  2. Impacts of the teacher shortage
  3. Determinants of teacher attrition
  4. Approaches to reversing the trend
  5. Supportive software solutions

Don’t miss out on this critical information. Click the image below to watch the full webinar on-demand.

Teacher Attrition Webinar

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