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SchoolMint: Innovative Company to Watch in 2022

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Feb 28, 2022 8:00:00 AM

SchoolMint has been recognized by CIOCoverage as an innovative tech company to watch in 2022.

Innovation is crucial to success. And innovation in education means success for all students, educators, and administrators.

Because of this, SchoolMint strives day in, day out, all year long to bring innovative platforms to K-12 education — platforms that transform education for everyone: district-level administrators, charter school leaders, teachers, students, and families in each community.

Such is our commitment to education across the United States. And now we’re pleased to see that commitment recognized by CIOCoverage magazine in 10 Best Innovative Companies to Watch in 2022.

cio coverage award for schoolmint

SchoolMint Featured in CIOCoverage

Each year, CIOCoverage compiles a list of the top innovative companies to keep an eye on as the year progresses. We’re proud to have won this special designation for 2022.

As explained on CIOCoverage’s site, “Another unique feature of these companies is their workers’ participation in the innovation process. In a truly innovative company, every single employee, in every single department, is involved. In fact, each employee is encouraged to innovate and to think creatively.”

At SchoolMint, we pride ourselves on each employee’s part in the innovation process.

From our customer service representatives gathering feedback from customers to our product and engineering teams putting this feedback into action, we are proud of each person’s contribution to innovation at SchoolMint.

“As the leader in strategic enrollment management, SchoolMint has a unique platform designed specifically to help schools improve their enrollment success for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.” CIOCoverage Magazine, 2022

In the full article from CIOCoverage, you’ll learn what we do, learn how we support our customers, and hear from SchoolMint’s CEO, Bryan MacDonald.

Click here to read the full article to learn more about our mission and initiatives to improve the K-12 education space!

SchoolMint is Here for You

SchoolMint supports public schools and districts across the country in all facets of strategic operations: marketing services, enrollment management, teacher coaching, student behavior management, and family relationship management.

Our vision isn’t just to help you manage your enrollment, application, or lottery processes. Our vision is to improve your operations across the board.

And that’s why, every day, we:

But that’s just the beginning. And we’d love nothing more than to explain to you one-on-one what else we can do, how our solutions are tailored to your needs, and why SchoolMint is the leading provider of strategic enrollment management solutions.

With our comprehensive platforms and services made specifically for K-12 schools, SchoolMint is here for you.

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