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SchoolMint Grow Q&A: 10 Things to Know About This Coaching Platform

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Mar 15, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Frequently asked questions about the teacher coaching platform SchoolMint Grow.

1. How does SchoolMint Grow support teacher evaluation?

SchoolMint Grow helps administrators and coaches capture, analyze, share, and report teacher evaluation data in real time. We carefully selected the tools and features used in our platform to ensure that an evaluation provides both real-time feedback and actionable data all in one easy-to-use platform.

2. How can my school use SchoolMint Grow?

Some of our school partners use SchoolMint Grow to manage teacher evaluations. Some use SchoolMint Grow to support weekly teacher coaching. And some do both! Check out the platform’s features to see how we can support your school’s needs.

3. How do we sign up?

Interested in SchoolMint Grow? Schedule a demo to see more of the platform. Our partnership team will happily show you around the site and answer any other questions you may have. Call 800-396-1615 or email info@schoolmint.com to schedule your demo today!

4. Who are some of your current customers?

SchoolMint Grow works with more than 1,000 schools and districts in more than 30 states with public and charter schools around the country. Our list of partner schools is always growing!

5. How much does SchoolMint Grow cost?

The cost of SchoolMint Grow is based on the number of users in the system. There are discounts for volume and multi-year contracts. Please contact the SchoolMint Grow sales team for more details.

6. Do you have an active support team?

Our support team actively answers requests from Monday to Friday, 9–5 CST.

7. What are the technology requirements?

SchoolMint Grow is a browser-based application that can be used in any operating system with a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You must be connected to the internet to use SchoolMint Grow.

8. Do you align to state reporting needs?

Yes, we do! We make it easy to report your evaluations to the state with our easy-to-use data reporting.

9. Do you support mobile devices?

Yes. SchoolMint Grow can be used through your browser on tablets or mobile devices. We also have a mobile app that supports video recording for coaching.

10. How can I get in touch about SchoolMint Grow?

Easy! Call 800-396-1615, fill out this form, or email info@schoolmint.com to speak to a SchoolMint Grow team member. Or you can click the pretty picture below.observe coach and repeat with the teacher coaching platform schoolmint grow ad



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