SchoolMint Grow: 6 Exciting Updates for Lesson Plan Feedback

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Nov 10, 2021 9:15:12 AM

Something exciting is happening in SchoolMint Grow: the platform’s ever-popular lesson plan feedback feature has 6 new improvements! Read on to discover the latest updates with Grow.

The weather may be cooling down, but SchoolMint Grow’s product development and customer success teams are only just warming up!

Throughout the past year, the Grow team has been hard at work collecting user feedback, listening to feature requests, and then implementing ideas that’ll benefit all users — from instructional coaches to teachers. Now the team is excited to share yet another slew of enhancements.

Read on for a snapshot of what you can expect with SchoolMint Grow’s lesson plan feedback feature!

Note: SchoolMint Grow was previously known as Whetstone. Read SchoolMint Unveils New Name for Whetstone to learn more about the name change.

New in November: 6 Lesson Plan Feedback Updates

We unveiled the lesson plan feedback feature back in late 2020. Since then, it has become one of our users’ favorite features. And now, after gathering input since the feature’s initial launch, we’re thrilled to share six new updates you can expect to enjoy with SchoolMint Grow.

1. General Workflow Updates

This latest update has brought general workflow updates to SchoolMint Grow, such as:

  • Upload Google Slides files
  • Upload multiple documents to the same lesson plan
  • Simplified Finalize flow
  • Allow adding lesson plans to the resource library
  • Preserve personal notes in review records
  • See lesson plan entries on the calendar

We’ve also fixed some bugs to create a better user experience for all SchoolMint Grow partners.

2. Multiple Document Types

With this setting on, you can configure multiple document submission types (e.g., professional learning plans, approval forms, etc.). Specific forms and individual settings can be modified for each type, and submitters can use a simplified flow to submit these non-lesson plan documents.

3. Quick Review Feature

By turning quick review on with a setting, coaches and other instructional guides can skip a full review. For example, you can quickly approve single lesson plans or quickly approve in bulk for a whole set.

4. Scheduling

When you enable scheduling via setting, platform administrators can configure due dates for different user groups across their school or district. Submitters can track their own due dates and overall progress, and coaches and admins can access reporting on completion and pacing. This will also integrate with the calendar feature.

5. Reporting

Different document types can be configured to display on the touchpoint and frequency dashboards. There will be a new dedicated catch-all report for documents and lessons plans as well as a pacing report for scheduling.

6. Co-Teacher Lesson Plans

With co-teacher lesson plans, you now have a simple co-teacher feature (available via setting) that allows a user to designate peers who are teaching the same lesson, which cuts down on extra work.


Are you an existing user who wants to learn more about the updates above? Reach out via the Support and Feedback button on your Grow page, email, or directly contact your customer success representative. We’re always happy to help!

But if you are not an existing user and want to know how SchoolMint Grow can help you, click the banner to get in touch!




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