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SchoolMint Enroll: The Next Generation of K-12 Enrollment Software

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Aug 4, 2021 8:00:00 AM

SchoolMint has been researching, designing, and testing a revolutionary new enrollment platform that combines the best features of SmartChoice and legacy SchoolMint platforms.

At every stage of development, the team has gathered and listened to feedback from school administrators so that SchoolMint can deliver an enrollment platform that solves enrollment challenges and administrative needs. 

SchoolMint is excited to show off the fruits of their labor by introducing their flagship enrollment management platform: SchoolMint Enroll.

SchoolMint Enroll Product LaptopImage

No more wait lists.

No more long lines.

No more stacks of paper applications to sift through.

SchoolMint Enroll offers families and administrators a more efficient and streamlined online enrollment experience.

With the release of this new product comes the potential for unparalleled administrative efficiency, greater family connectivity, and expanded enrollment accessibility.

For School Administrators

SchoolMint Enroll is an easy-to-use online enrollment system with robust customization options. This customizable design puts more power in the hands of school administrators by allowing them to quickly and easily build out application and lottery processes to better meet the unique needs of their schools.

For Parents and Guardians

Meanwhile, families are presented with a user-friendly interface that automatically guides them through a simplified enrollment experience.

With SchoolMint Enroll’s online parent dashboard, families can easily submit forms, sign documents, receive instant notifications, and track the progress of multiple applications in real-time.

This automated system reduces the need for time-consuming oversight and allows for more transparent and trustworthy selection methods.

“SchoolMint’s position as the K-12 leader in strategic enrollment management has been solidified with the launch of our newest product: SchoolMint Enroll, an all-inclusive next-generation enrollment platform. Early feedback for SchoolMint Enroll has been overwhelmingly positive and has confirmed the value of our approach in support of the modern K-12 environment.” — Bryan MacDonald, SchoolMint CEO



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