Baltimore County Public Schools: Streamlining the Enrollment Process

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Nov 30, 2020 8:00:00 AM

How Baltimore Public Schools streamlined their enrollment process to save time and provide greater accessibility to families.

Location: Baltimore, MA
Website: Baltimore County Public Schools
Enrollment: 111,084
Demographics: NCES Data

The Challenge

As a large district providing students with a variety of magnet schools and specialized programs, Baltimore County Public Schools was in search of a means to streamline the application process for the district.

The goal was to both decrease the workload of administrators, currently working through a paper-based process, and migrate to a system that would provide a more efficient and accessible process for students and families.

The Solution

  • Identify enrollment deficiencies within the district and research online enrollment management systems to meet those needs.
  • Manage student data in one efficient and easily accessible system to streamline the enrollment process.
  • Provide parents with instant information about placements, programs, and application status.
  • Make data-based enrollment decisions in real time for speciality programs to help families find the best placement for their students.

The Results

  • Implemented a mobile component to the application process, to allow parents to submit and manage applications online from their smartphone or tablet.
  • Provided address verification to inform parents about district transportation availability for each selected program or school choice.
  • Communicated real-time updates with parents through the online system, keeping them informed of the application and lottery placement status throughout the process.


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