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Arthur Ashe Charter School: Improving Student Outcomes Through Teacher Coaching

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Mar 30, 2023 8:00:00 AM

How Arthur Ashe Charter School has used teacher coaching to improve student outcomes.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
: Arthur Ashe Charter School
Enrollment: ~800
: NCES Data

Arthur Ashe Charter School in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a public charter school serving Pre-K through eighth-grade students. The school has a diverse student body and is committed to providing a high-quality education to all of its students.

In recent years, the school has implemented SchoolMint Grow, a teacher coaching, observation, and evaluation platform, to support teacher development and improve instructional practices.

The implementation of SchoolMint Grow began with the school leadership team’s decision to invest in a comprehensive teacher coaching platform that could provide targeted support to teachers at all levels of experience. In addition, the program was designed to be collaborative, research-based, and aligned with the school’s mission and values.

SchoolMint Grow’s impact on the school has been significant. Teachers who participate in the program report feeling more confident in their ability to deliver effective instruction, and they are better equipped to meet the needs of their students.

“[SchoolMint] Grow has helped me see my growth as a teacher, which is really nice to see,” said Neeve Turman, Lead Interventionist at Ashe. “This job is hard sometimes, but using [SchoolMint] Grow helps us keep what we do all about the kids.”

The program has also helped to create a culture of feedback among teachers, coaches, and administrators, who are encouraged to share feedback and learn from one another. By creating this culture in the school, teachers know the feedback is coming and are often awaiting it.

SchoolMint Grow was specifically used at Ashe by using data to inform teacher development. Ashe’s instructional coaches used a data-driven approach to identify areas of strength and improvement for each teacher. The data is then used to inform coaching sessions tailored to each teacher’s specific needs.

In recent years, the school has seen significant gains in student performance on standardized tests. This improvement is partly due to the high-quality instruction that teachers deliver as a result of the coaching, observation, and evaluation program.

In addition to improving student achievement, the program has also had a positive impact on teacher retention. Teachers at Ashe who use SchoolMint Grow report feeling more supported and valued, which has led to increased job satisfaction and a lower turnover rate.

SchoolMint Grow’s impact can be seen in the school’s teacher retention data.

According to School Director Shanda Gentry, they have an 85% retention rate among their teachers. Those numbers are impressive in today’s educational landscape of teacher attrition and the teacher shortage.

Overall, the success of the teacher coaching, observation, and evaluation program at Arthur Ashe Charter School can be attributed to several key factors. The program is data-based, collaborative, and tailored to the specific needs of each teacher. It has also aligned well with the school’s mission and values of improving student outcomes and is supported by school leadership.

By providing targeted support to teachers and improving instructional practices, the program has significantly impacted student achievement and teacher retention at the school.Overcoming-Guide-Blog-Image



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